All Legal Industry Sustainability Standard

All Legal Industry Sustainability Standard

In its nearly seven years, the American Legal Industry Sustainability Standard has acted as roadmap and mark of recognition for law firms; to not only take stock of its sustainability program, but to learn how to grow its sustainability and ESG endeavors. Vorgate now brings firms the next evolution of ALISS to help their organizations gain strategic insight and intelligently advance ESG integration.

What’s New in the ALISS Relaunch

ALISS rebranded.
ALISS has a new logo, look, and interface. The current ALISS platform (ALISS 1) is still available to users until the end of the year.

ALISS is now the All Legal Industry Sustainability Standard
The ALISS law firm sustainability assessment is open to all legal organizations to use, regardless of whether they are law firms or departments and regardless of where firms or any of their offices are located globally.

Moving beyond the “E” in ESG
ALISS will include access to “S” and “G” aspects for firms who seeking to utilize additional roadmaps to further their ESG goals.

Participant and Performance Recognition

ALISS will continue to provide participant and performance recognition. We encourage all legal organizations who wish to make real, measured practical impact to complete the assessment, benchmark growth and receive recognition for their achievements.