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About Us

We are an ESG-focused technology company.

We are dedicated to serving the global law firm community.

We deliver ESG Purpose Driven technology solutions

Let’s Connect

Gayatri Joshi is co-founder and partner at Vorgate LLC (predecessor EcoAnalyze LLC), a sustainability and data collection consulting firm to the law firm community. She works with law firms engaging in sustainability initiatives, helping to organize and track information.

She created and managed the development and launch of the LFSN American Legal Industry Sustainability Standard (ALISS), an online sustainability assessment for law firms.

Ms. Joshi has been serving the legal industry for nearly 20 years, including seven years with Shearman & Sterling LLP, where she directed multiple global business development and marketing efforts. Recently, Ms. Joshi served as Executive Director of the LFSN, providing education, resources and best practices in sustainability since before its formal establishment in 2012.

Gayatri Joshi

Co-Founder, Partner

What Sets Us Apart

Strength of Sustainability Practice

Vorgate is an ESG-focused firm, familiar with all aspects of sustainability, particularly those of interest to law firms. We have supported the Law Firm Sustainability Network and provided sustainability education and resources to its members.

Vorgate was instrumental in the development of the LFSN’s American Legal Industry Sustainability Standard assessment and has published several articles and benchmarking survey reports related to it.

We understand the challenges and nuances and can provide practical solutions, education and advice to help your law firm achieve its ESG goals. 

Depth of Legal Industry Experience

Vorgate serves the legal industry and provides support to any legal-industry related organization. We are well experienced in law firm administration and operations of and can therefore provide the most practical, specific and relevant expertise you require.

Ms. Joshi has deep knowledge of law firm operations and departments, having served at a large global law firm for over seven years as part of directing strategic business development efforts.  Vorgate-EcoAnalyze is also the original founder of the Law Firm Sustainability Network and maintained a permanent seat on the Leadership Council for ten years.

Innovative with Technology Solutions

Our primary business is technology. We build customized online tools to assist law firms in collecting, managing, sharing and analyzing sustainability-related data across the organization.  We are continuously thinking about what our clients need and are familiar with developing tailored sustainability technology solutions.

Nimble and Always Evolving

Our culture and technology lend itself to allowing us to make decisions quickly, enabling us to re-prioritize and redirect resources to better serve the challenges of our clients.

Client Service and Relationships

Establishing and maintaining highly valued, long-term relationships with our clients is part of our culture and how we do business.