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All Legal Industry Sustainability Standard


Vorgate is pleased to announce its full ownership and management of the All Legal Industry Sustainability Standard (ALISS), formerly offered through the Legal Sustainability Network (Law Firm Sustainability Network), and has relaunched the sustainability assessment for all legal organizations who wish to improve and expand their sustainability and ESG initiatives.

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We understand your challenges

Vorgate is the only ESG focused technology company dedicated to the law firm community.

We build technology solutions.
Our primary business is technology. We build customized online tools to assist law firms in collecting, managing, sharing and analyzing sustainability related data across the organization.

We know sustainability.
We are an ESG-focused company. We are familiar with all aspects of sustainability, particularly those of interest to law firms. We understand the challenges you face and can provide practical solutions, education and advice to help your law firm achieve its goals.

We are dedicated to law firms.
We serve the legal industry and provide support to any legal-industry related organization. We are well experienced in the operation of law firms and can therefore provide the most practical, specific and relevant expertise you require.

Because we understand law firms

Vorgate (EcoAnalyze) is the original founder and was driving force behind the Legal Sustainability Network, (formerly Law Firm Sustainability Network), the only US focused 501(c3) non-profit organization of its kind. In this capacity we not only maintained a permanent seat on the Leadership Council and Board of Directors, but also administered the Network. This involves managing its day to day operations, organizing educational webinars, interacting with members, and providing technology support to all participants, from top AmLaw 100 law firms to smaller single office enterprises.

Additionally, we also managed the development and successful launch of the American Legal Industry Sustainability Standard (ALISS), whose original specification was broadly based on Vorgate-EcoAnalyze’s Law Firm Environmental Sustainability Benchmark Survey.

“Such a comprehensive and centralized role gives us an unparalleled vision into the world of law firm sustainability and the deepest insights into the real-world challenges, solutions, and success stories across the legal industry.”